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About K.O.Bs

The concept, ‘Kids On Bikes’ developed out of a desire to have an impact and make a difference in the lives of kids from low socio economic situations who also suffer low self esteem, low confidence and/or overweight/obesity challenges.

The idea being that Community organizations and Businesses sponsor bikes, helmets and safety gear which are then given to Intermediate schools with kids in the target group.  The bikes, helmets and safety gear become the property of the school. The kids sign a contract (responsibility for property) learn cycle maintenance (how to care for property) and are trained in Cycle Road Safety by the NZ Police being awarded a Cycle License upon passing the tests.

These kids, are monitored throughout the year programme.  They can earn "Bike Dollars" taking ownership of the bike at the end of the two years by keeping their contract, cycling safely and maintaining their bike.

The long term goal is to have sponsored bikes going into every Intermediate School in NZ annually for this group of Kids.

The second part of  'Kids On Bikes' is 'Safer Places For Kids To Cycle'.  The idea being getting our kids off the road and legally and safely cycling on dedicated cycle paths (currently grass areas) built to run along side existing footpaths on all main roads.

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