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Cycling is a fun and healthy exercise. Before riding your bike on roadways, take time to learn the rules. Many cyclists are seriously injured in accidents because they are less protected than vehicles and/or they do not practice safe riding skills.

Common Sense

  • Wear a bike helmet at all times. The most serious bike injuries are to the head.
  • Try to keep your bike in good shape.
  • Always let cars and people go first.
  • Slow down and check traffic at all corners.
  • Keep both hands on the handle bars except when doing turn signals.
  • Walk across busy streets
  • Stay off busy streets.
  • Check tyres and brakes are in good working order 



Bicycle helmets are an essential element to bicycle safety.
Always strap on an approved safety helmet before you ride.
Helmets are an important safety device to protect your head and brain from injury.



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