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KOB - Programme 2010 Peachgrove and Melville Intermediate 2010.
          At 7/2/2010 KOB Sponsors, Supporters and Trustees have raised $5,000. To offer 40 kids the opportunity to go on the KOB programme 2010 we need to raise $20,000...... Can YOU help?

Actions to Raise these Funds:
*Kids On Bikes at Mid Winter Ball:

"Mid-Winter Ball (29th May 2010)- organizers Francis & Patrick O'Hollan, have chosen the Kids On Bikes Charitable Trust to be one of the benefactors of this brilliant event being held at Tamahere Hall. Thank you in advance to the dancers purchasing tickets to this Ball. You are helping make a difference to the life of another kid in our community". KOB thanks Francis, Patrick for their generous support!
Mid Winter Ball tickets can be purchased by emailing: fohanlon@e3.net.nz or calling Frances 07)823 6133 or 027 245 5726. Only $20 a ticket.


Gaye Andrews


KOB Trustee Gaye Andrews rode the Wattyl Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge 2009 to raise funds for KOB. This was a 'first time'  for Gaye. She trained consistently and although she found it "rather challenging" she completed the ride fresh and exhillerated. Gaye raised enough funds to give two kids the opportunity to go on the 2010 KOB programme. Outstanding effort.. thanks Gaye!"

Jenny Phelps

KOB supporter Jenny Phelps (of Hamilton) encouraged a large number of friends to all sponsor an average of $5 for Gaye's ride.  Gail Clark, together with Jenny and her friends have provided another kid the opportunity to go on the KOB programme 2010. Fantastic Jenny and Gail. KOB thanks you!


4th April 2008 - Melville Intermediate has launched Kids On Bikes too.

Dillion Boucher (Tall Black)
came to Melville Intermediate 9am, 4th April 2008
and presented Bikes to our participants of the KOB programme.

MP Martin Gallagher, Councellor Daphne Bell
all came to the KOB Melville Launch.

Ash Puriri will sung the anthem for us.

Maori TV, TV3, "This Week" "Hamilton Press" "Waikato Times" and Classic Radio Hits all know what a wonderful date the 4th April will be for our participants, guests, family, teachers and students.

Our KOB participants are going thru their Road Safety training with Tracey Mc Masters and Jolanda Roe from NZ Police, right now, sharing the bikes we have in the school.

Melville has decided on a "WHEELS" theme for the day. Some 'Big Boy/Girl Toys' are going to be displayed.  Team Kiwi's racing car... Bill Wards Monster Dragster... Classic Cars, a Hot Rod,  Three Wheel Harley Davidson and Mohammad Tanjean who is currently cycling around the world, hopes to get to Hamilton in time to tell us his stories.


7th April 2006 - Sarah came to Peachgrove Intermediate to personally present 20 kids with their bikes.  She chatted for ages and signed heaps of autographs for the Peachgrove kids. 




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